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be the light bowl - flag football tournament

To guarantee your team’s participation in the Be The Light Bowl, purchase TEAM ENTRY TICKET NOW ($500). Each entry ticket includes 10 players ($50 per player).

  1. COLLECT your 10 player’s information: You will need each player’s first and last name, age, email address, phone and shirt size. The team roster form cannot be submitted without all this information.
  2. REQUIRED  PLAYER DOCUMENTS: Collect the following documents from each player (all need to be submitted on or before October 26):
    1. A signed Release and Waiver of Liability Form, DOWNLOAD FORM NOW
    2. A student picture ID or a valid drivers license
    3. PLAYER UNDER THE AGE OF 18 must also provide a signed Consent to Medical Treatment and Proof of Insurance form“, DOWNLOAD FORM NOW
  3. Now you have all you need to register your team roster.

Once your ticket is purchased and you’ve collected all of your player’s information, register your roster by clicking on the TEAM ROSTER FORM button below. 

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Please submit the required documents on or before October 26 and complete the TEAM ROSTER FORM  (with all participating players) by midnight October 6th


For any registration or participation inquiries, please CONTACT US.

2nd Annual
2nd Annual

Our mission is for BE LIKE ARI to live on in helping others through the Ari Arteaga foundation – BE THE LIGHT® as a non-profit organization that derives its inspiration from Ari Arteaga’s short, but extremely blessed life. Ari lived by his personal motto, “BE THE LIGHT”, as he touched many lives sharing his passion and joy in making every day filled with compassion. Our mission is to spread his spirit by helping children and families overcome obstacles they may face due to unforeseen hardships.  Our goal is to shine Ari’s light on their path of need.

The Ari Arteaga Foundation is an organization exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3) a Florida Non-For-Profit Corporation FEI/EIN No.: 83-1519367, a public charity.  Donations may be deducted under IRC Section 170.  

LAST YEAR'S be the light bowl - flag football tournament

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