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BE THE LIGHT Call of Duty Tournament


Saturday, July 18 & Sunday, July 19




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Registration Deadline: Monday, July 13 at 10:00 pm

JOIN US FOR OUR FIRST Ultimate Gamer's tournament event!

BE THE LIGHT Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Teams 6 VS 6, Death Match Mode Tournament

  • Teams of 6 players – $150 per team
  • Team registration only. Individual player must register as part of a team. No individual player registration available.
  • Scattered Start Times – First wave starts at 12:00 PM EST
  • Teams: 6 VS 6
  • Team Mode – Search and Destroy
  • Guaranteed 3 game play
  • Double elimination before Guaranteed 3 game play
  • $1,500 purse
  • 15% purse increase after the first 50 teams have registered
  • Must be at least 12 years of age to play
  • Instructions and rules also available one registration page

Ultimate Gamer’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Teams 6v6 Ruleset

  • You must be at least 12 years of age to register for this event.
  • All teams and players need to join the Ultimate Gamer discord in order to communicate with the Tournament Organizers in the event there is a problem.
  • Your discord username should be identical to your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in-game tag username and registration gamertag.
  • At 10:00 AM EST until 12:00 PM EST on the day of the event (July 18th, 2020), the team leader will need to log on to to check-in. The team captain will also be required to be present in the Ultimate Gamer discord at this time. Teams who do not check in on time will be removed from the bracket. 
  • After 12:00 PM EST on the day of the event, please reference the bracket to determine your opponent and generate a lobby.
  • Captains should reach out to your opponent’s team captains through the discord channels to determine the map you will be playing on.

-Competition Format: Double Elimination

-After a team loses two sets, they are eliminated from the tournament.

-Set format: All sets in the winners side of bracket will be a Best of 3 games, and all sets in the losers side of bracket will be played out in a Best of 1 game. Winner of these sets will be crowned victorious and will proceed within the bracket.

Tie Breakers:

1. Round win percentage: Teams will have all of their round tallied up, the team with the higher win percentage will break the tie.

2. Head to Head: If you and your opponent played in a prior match whoever won that game wins the tiebreaker.

3. Timing: Timing represents the importance of the rounds in which you lost. Players losing in later rounds will be ranked higher within the tournament.

  • Spawn Camera: Disabled
  • Hardcore Mode: Disabled
  • Spawn Ammo Mags: 3 (Normal)
  • Realism Mode: Disabled
  • Headshots Only: Disabled
  • Health Steal: Disabled
  • Cranked Timer: Disabled
  • Allow Field Upgrades: Enabled
  • Field Upgrade Charge Rate: Normal
  • Field Upgrade Score Modifier: Normal
  • Perks: Enabled
  • Killstreaks: Enabled
  • Round Retain Streaks: Enabled
  • Retain Streaks on Death: Enabled
  • Equipment Delay: Disabled
  • Equipment Protection: 7.5 Seconds
  • Battle Chatter: Disabled
  • Announcer Dialogue: Enabled
  • Spectating: Team Only
  • 3rd Person Spectating: Disabled
  • Killcam: Enabled
  • Final Killcam: Final Kill
  • Enable Mini Map: Yes
  • Radar Always On: Disabled
  • Weapon Pings on Minimap: Enabled
  • Weapon Pings on Compass: Enabled
  • Enemy on Compass: Enabled
  • Respawn Delay: None
  • Wave Spawn Delay: None
  • Suicide Spawn Delay: None
  • Force Respawn: Enabled
  • Team Assignment: Enabled
  • Friendly Fire: Enabled
  • Team Kill Punish Limit: Disabled
  • Round Time Limit: 1M : 30S
  • Round Win Limit: 6 Rounds
  • Win By Two Rule: Disabled
  • Win By Two Max Rounds: N/A
  • Round Switch: Every Round
  • Match Start Time: 15 Seconds
  • Round Start Time: 10 Seconds
  • Skip Infil: Enabled
  • Practice Round: Disabled
  • Input Swap Allowed: Disabled
  • CDL Tuning: Enabled
  • Codcaster: Enabled
  • Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
  • Plant Time: 5 Seconds
  • Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
  • Multi Bomb: Disabled
  • Silent Plant: Enabled
  • Reset Plant/Defuse Progress: Enabled
  • Number of Lives: 1 Life
  • Max Health: 100 (Normal)
  • Health Regeneration: Normal
  • Tactical Sprint: Enabled
  • Allow Revives: Disabled
  • Show Enemy Death Location: Disabled
  • Downed Health: N/A
  • Downed Revive Health: N/A
  • Downed Bleedout Timer: N/A
  • Downed Revive Time: N/A
  • Downed Give Up Time: N/A
  • Weapon Mounting: Disabled

Map Pool:

  • Arklov Peak
  • Gun Runner
  • Piccadilly
  • Rammaza
  • St Petrograd

Map Selection Process:
The team captains will join a map ban voice channel to determine the map they will play via

-Either captain will flip a coin for priority

Map Banning Order:

  • Team Captain 1 Bans
  • Team Captain 2 Bans
  • Team Captain 1 Bans
  • Team Captain 2 Bans
  • Team Captain 2 Decides the map

The event starts off with a total prize of $1,500, that will be distributed to the top 3 placers in the following format:

• 1st place will receive 60% of the total prize
• 2nd place will receive 30% of the total prize
• 3rd place will receive 10% of the total prize

If the event reaches over 50 team entrants, the prize pool increases by 15%


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